We have been catching plenty of striped bass at night, mostly on live eels. Just before sundown we have been able to catch smaller sized bass on plugs, mainly soft plastics like Hogy Originals and surface lures like Jumpin Minnows and other walk-the-dog style lures. With the water temps high, your best chance of success will be hitting high tides later in the evening and after it gets dark. Try slowing down your presentation if you are not getting strikes. As always don't stay in one place for too long. Move around and look for deeper holes, rocky structures, points & bowls and you will most likely find a pocket of fish hiding out somewhere. 

Fishing in 2020 has definitely brought new meaning and purpose. Thankfully the light tackle striped bass fishing has been remarkable. Being outdoors and enjoying the nature and wildlife, in my opinion, has never been more essential than this season. Covid-19 has brought so much uncertainty, strife, controversy, and fear. Fishing brings just the opposite. Fishing is the perfect remedy to let go of all that you see on the news, arguments with friends and family, and worry about social distancing. For striped bass fishing on Martha's Vineyard, well I have learned to let go of "catching the big one" and catch what is around. I am please to see the Massachusetts take a step in the right direction to practice conservation, but it is way too little and we find ourselves repeating past mistakes of 25-30 years ago. So for striped bass anglers we move to downsizing our tackle, going to single hooks on our lures, and practice proper catch and release. What I will say to you. What are you waiting for? Get outside and go fishing. If you are on Martha's Vineyard or visiting our shores, please contact me and I will be happy to take you out and provide you an experience of Martha's Vineyard fishing like no other. You will not be disappointed whether we catch 20 fish, 1 or none. You will end our trip relaxed, smiling and ready to take on your daily life.

Sometimes the striped bass and bluefishing can be frustrating and produce little to no action. Bottom fishing for scup, black sea bass, fluke and smaller bass and blues can be a lot of fun. Often underrated and seen just for kids or beginners, scup and black sea bass can be intense with a lot of action and provide great table fare when you get into the larger keeper sized fish. I was targeting black sea bass but found a pocket of very large and very aggressive Scup. Using large hooks, bigger strips of squid or casting bucktails rigged with squid or Berkley Gulp can often weed out the Scup . . . just not last night ;) It was a fun night, very relaxing and just after dark I threw some small soft plastics and caught a couple schoolie bass. Sometimes fishing can be simple and fun, just change your expectations. 

There are a lot of smaller striped bass all around the Vineyard. Light tackle action and fly fishing has never been better. Fishing at sunrise and sunset will produce better success. Topwater lures like the Jumpin Minnow and Tackle Angler Crossover have been very successful and produce great strikes on the surface. Softbaits like Hogy Protails and Originals are also excellent choices. Make sure you use light leader material, 12 to 15 pound flurocarbon and tying direct to the lure or bait will yield more strikes. The water is super clear and these fish have great eyesight. 


July has been a tough month for surf casting on the Vineyard this year. Water is super warm, and those big bass just are not around. Plenty of small bass and blues and the Vineyard angler needs to downsize to light tackle right now if you want any action. Continue to hit the south shore at night for any chance of keeper sized bass, and best bet would be to use eels. Good luck