The weather has been spectacular and the conditions perfect.  So, where's the fish?  Not the kind of question you want to here from a guide, but I am a member of the MV Surfcasters Association and we hosted the Nantucket Anglers Club this past weekend.  They were a great group and we had 2 dozen anglers covering the entire coastline of Martha's Vineyard - with one keeper bass tallied for the weekend excursion.  Many theories being thrown around, but one thing I know is just like the tide - an ebb and flood, so does the fishing.  We have optimistic reports of good fishing off NY, CT, and RI and my hope is those fish are still migrating north.

Hopefully I will have a better report for all of you in the coming days.  For now, keep fishing and enjoy the outdoors.  Remember, a bad day on the water is better than a good day at work!
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