That is all that I can say right now.  The fishing has been spectacular and I don't want it to end.  We are catching a lot of fish, with many fish over 25 pounds and several over 30 pounds.  All the fish have come from lures - NO BAIT!  I just love that because for me that is a true testament to your fishing ability.  To trick a fish to hit an artifical bait from the beach is not an easy feat, but right now it seems too easy. 

So now that I have just jinks myself for the rest of the season please be sure to give me a ring and I'd be more than happy to show you a great time fishing.  I have finally broke the 50 pound mark, but I have to admit it was from a boat.  I caught a 51 pounder while fishing with my friend on his boat.  It was a lot of fun and wouldn't trade it for anything, but now I want that 50 from the beach.  Check out a photo on Livinit's MV Fishing Reports on Facebook.