Bass in Menemsha Harbor, bass at the Breech, bass at Squibbnocket, bass in Wasque Rip . . . pretty safe to say that most everywhere has bass.  Don't mean to be misleading, but it is not stellar, but hitting the right tide on the right conditions is producing some high quantities of fish.  Occassionally some nice bass in the 30-40-pound class range are being taken. 

The better news is the amount of bait around the island.  Reports from the boat guys is large sand eels, big silversides, herring and they're as far as the eye can see.  We still don't have any signs of big bait like menhaden, but we're still crossing our fingers.  Bluefishing is good around the Chops, Wasque, and Menemsha jetty. 

We had some really late tides last week, but now we're getting back to some decent tides early in the night so we can stop setting the alarm for 2 am.