The tide has turned for the Chappy fishing, meaning the tide is really late this week making an overnight on Chappy the optimal time to fish.  There are bluefish in the rip on the east tide which is compensating for the bass fishing being so late this week.  Chappy still has fish and last week we were averaging 15 keeper sized bass a night EACH and the average size fish was 34" but every forth or fifth fish was 40" or more.  Great fishing, especially considering they're all being caught on plugs.

Bass are still being caught and the North Shore is producing pockets of good fishing.  Tide and conditions most definitely have to be right to get into some of the better quality bass along the North Shore. 

Squibbnocket, Philbin and Gay Head has been relatively quiet, but that's not to say it won't turn on any moment.  Lobsterville is still holding keeper sized bass and light tackle and fly fishermen are catching their fare share of fish. 

Here's a shot of a client and friend of mine who got into some nice bass fishing last Thursday evening on Chappaquiddick.  He fished for about an hour and landed nearly a dozen bass. 
Chappy striper