A large school of keeper sized bass, 28-40 inch, have inhabited parts of Chappaquiddick.  On a charter last night, June 2, we got into dozens of bass all along East Beach.  White was most definitely the hot color, with soft plastics like the Hogy being the top producing lure of the night.  The biggest fish did come on Super Strike Darters, but quanity came from small plastic swimmers and Hogies. 

We were getting hits most casts, and landing fish every 5-7 casts.  The fish were not feeding aggresively, as most of the hook sets were on the top of the head or the bottom of the chin.  Very few fish were hooked in the mouth, which tells me these fish were rolling on the lures, which would account for many of our hits, with no hook-ups. 

Either way it was a fun night of fishing, we landed many bass, all loaded with sea lice and had most of the beach all to ourselves.  I'm sure that will change soon as the word has gotten out.

Have fun and please share your experiences on my facebook page, "Livinit's MV Fishing Reports".  Have fun and hope to see you on the beach.