Is this hurricane season or what?  The island is pretty churned up right now.  The water looks like my morning coffee, except for the clumps and clumps of weed and grass.  Fishing is a bit frustrating right now because of the conditions, but if you are willing to stick it out and strip loads of gunk off your barrel swivel and plug, you will be rewarded with a few keepers and possibly a few bass up to 44 inches, as one of my clients found this past Wednesday.  It was very difficult fishing, but we managed to put a few nice bass on the beach and released to fight another day. 

False albacore have peeked the interest to many who have taken it easy during the summer doldrums.  It is still early for albies (late for bonito), but some anglers are having great success with these speedy little tuna.  Boaters, of course, are having a better go of it than the surfcaster, but one or two jetty rats and surfcasters have been able to ride a few.  State Beach and Wasque Point would be two good places to wait it out for some albies to move in close enough to put a Maria, Crippled Herring or my buddies new creation, the "Silver Bullet" which can be purchased at Dick's Bait and Tackle.  Good luck and have fun.

Remember, the Derby is only a couple weeks away.  Get over here and get your Derby pin and catch that fish of a lifetime.