Bonito are still being a bit uncooperative, but the albies have begun to play.  Reports have been coming in of false albacore being caught along State Beach, Wasque Point and Hart Haven.  If the bonito do not want to play then their speedier and more powerful cousin will have to do.  Surfcasters are not having as much fun as the boaters, but our time will come.  With the presence of peanut bunker, sandeels and silversides, the surfcaster and jetty rat will get his or her chance if they are patient enough for that special pod of speedsters blast through!

Check out Livinit Blogs to get updated fishing reports.  I will try to keep you all updated to weekly, sometimes daily, fishing reports on Martha's Vineyard.  Being that I am primarily a surf fisherman, my reports will deal mostly with surf fishing.  I will at times, especially if something awesome or unusual is happening, give boating reports (like bluefin tuna in Vineyard Sound).