So I haven't posted any reports in a few weeks and I apologize for that, but (incredibly) I've been fishing and haven't had much time for much else. 

So, the update is this:  it's hot - it's August.  The fishing has been as sporadic as my fishing reports.  My friends, clients and I have had some fantastic nights, mixed in with some not-so-fantastic nights.  My recommendation is this: if you are seeking striped bass, stick to the midway points of either tide and fish late (preferrably after 9 or 10 pm).  We have picked up bass in the 28-36 inch range on Chappaquiddick and Gay Head and all have been on plugs.  Rapalas, SS Darters and Bombers have been the lure of choice for Chappy, while needlefish, Danny's and 14" Hogy's have been good producers for Gay Head. 

If bluefish is what you seek, hit Chappy around the witching hours (6-8 pm) and cast either some metals or pencil poppers in the rip.  West Chop has also been holding bluefish and the same lures can be used there, but a morning excursion would be recommended.

I see great potential with Vineyard Haven Harbor.  VH Harbor is loaded with peanut bunker and small bass and blues have been crashing and pushing them around for several days now.  I have some very energetic and jovial twin brothers catch their first six fish of their lifetimes (scup) while I proceeded to witness small bass and most likely some bluefish pound the peanut bunker off Eastville Beach all morning.  It is only a matter of time before those bunker have a new predator disturbing their slumber in VH Harbor - bonito.

I have full confidence that if you head out to either Chappy or Gay Head areas after dark, and you are patient and keep hitting those beaches, you will hit that bass blitz you've been waiting for since June or July.  Good luck and see you on the beach.