So sorry for not keeping the post up to date.  I've been a bit busy this week.  Finally I feel like summer has begun.  I just finished my last paper for a summer graduate course I've been taking and now I'm done. 

Back to the fishing . . . it was very good at the beginning of this week.  A lot of bass had moved in to Norton Point (the Cut) on the south side of the island.  The bass ranged in size from a little 24 incher to a nice 45 inch fish in the high twenty pound class range.  They were hitting a variety of plugs from black needlefish to black 14" Hogy's to big Bombers in a variety of colors.  It was weird fishing though because the fish were holding tight to certain locations.  If you were not in the "zone" you were fishless.  You had to work the beach to find them, but once you did you had a dozen or more fish in less than a half hour. 

I did have some fun with an energetic young angler named Tyler at Wasque point.  He caught several nice bluefish and was very eager to learn about saltwater fishing.  He had an ultra light rod with him and really wanted to hook up with his set up.  I was curious too, because if he hooked into even a 4-5 pound bluefish in that current he would've been spooled in seconds.  He casted like a madman and all of a sudden he got an explosion on a yellow Surface Tension.  He was on for a fleeting moment and the thrill and excitement that exploded from him was awesome.  I would've loved to see him fight that fish, but it wasn't meant to be . . . on that day, but I know he'll be back.  He was one determined angler and had more skill than most veterans who'd fish that beach for 30 years.  Nice fishing with you Tyler.