The tide has turned for the Chappy fishing, meaning the tide is really late this week making an overnight on Chappy the optimal time to fish.  There are bluefish in the rip on the east tide which is compensating for the bass fishing being so late this week.  Chappy still has fish and last week we were averaging 15 keeper sized bass a night EACH and the average size fish was 34" but every forth or fifth fish was 40" or more.  Great fishing, especially considering they're all being caught on plugs.

Bass are still being caught and the North Shore is producing pockets of good fishing.  Tide and conditions most definitely have to be right to get into some of the better quality bass along the North Shore. 

Squibbnocket, Philbin and Gay Head has been relatively quiet, but that's not to say it won't turn on any moment.  Lobsterville is still holding keeper sized bass and light tackle and fly fishermen are catching their fare share of fish. 

Here's a shot of a client and friend of mine who got into some nice bass fishing last Thursday evening on Chappaquiddick.  He fished for about an hour and landed nearly a dozen bass. 
Chappy striper

A large school of keeper sized bass, 28-40 inch, have inhabited parts of Chappaquiddick.  On a charter last night, June 2, we got into dozens of bass all along East Beach.  White was most definitely the hot color, with soft plastics like the Hogy being the top producing lure of the night.  The biggest fish did come on Super Strike Darters, but quanity came from small plastic swimmers and Hogies. 

We were getting hits most casts, and landing fish every 5-7 casts.  The fish were not feeding aggresively, as most of the hook sets were on the top of the head or the bottom of the chin.  Very few fish were hooked in the mouth, which tells me these fish were rolling on the lures, which would account for many of our hits, with no hook-ups. 

Either way it was a fun night of fishing, we landed many bass, all loaded with sea lice and had most of the beach all to ourselves.  I'm sure that will change soon as the word has gotten out.

Have fun and please share your experiences on my facebook page, "Livinit's MV Fishing Reports".  Have fun and hope to see you on the beach.

Striped bass of East Beach on Chappaquiddick!!

Wasque Rip has not been producing many fish, if any at all, but East Beach has.  The Chappy fishing is picking up, as are spots along the North Shore and Lobsterville Beach.  Big silver sides and juvenile ocean herring are surrounding the island, which means great news for us. 

Squidding in Edgartown and Menemsha harbors has improved, and squid are even being caught along the seawall in Oak Bluffs and the Big Bridge at State Beach. 

We had a good night of fishing, with many keeper sized bass and the best part was that it was all on plugs and on light tackle.  With good tides and we're on the dark side of the moon, the fishing is expected to be good for awhile.

Fishing was a bit slow this week.  I expect the moon tides this week, and abscence of the bait we were seeing last week greatly affected the fishing.  We had few fish weighed in Dick's Memorial Day Weekend Derby and it was not for lack of effort.  We had a large sign up this year and great weather, but few fish.  There is still a few hours left to weigh in fish, but it doesn't look hopeful.

My friend and I fished last night and with only two hits in two hours we walked away frustrated because we had great conditions.  We had a good tide, very little weed, but no fish.  I'm also hearing reports that many of those bluefish that were around last weekend have disappeared, along with the bait. 

I'm hoping for a better week this week and I'm sure the Rod and Gun Club is hoping for a better weekend because they are hosting their fly fishing Catch and Release tournament this June 4-6.

Today is the last chance to weigh in for Dick's Bait and Tackle Memorial Day Weekend Derby.  Even if you're not in the derby stop by to see some fish weighed in and share some fishing tales.

The action has slowed a bit this week.  The bluefishing was spotty off of Chappy and the bass fishing has been a slow pick all around the island.  We had some great weather this weekend but the fish didn't want to cooperate. 

The light tackle action is still good, and with many stripers in the bays and lagoons the fly fishing and light tackle spinning gear has been fun and explosive. 

Squid fishing has slowly gotten better the past few days, although it is still random, with one person filling a 5-gallon bucket while another is barely catching a dozen.  Hopefully things will turn around this week with better moon phases and more normalized tides.