Check out my page on facebook, "Livinit Fishing Guide" for the latest in island hotspots, fish producing lures, and any and all things related to Martha's Vineyard fishing.  With the temps nearing 50 degrees (47 to be exact), we are right on track for spring run stripers for mid to late April.  The herring run is also showing small numbers of herring, along with the comorants and osprey piling out in front for a quick meal.  The stripers will soon be here to make for the herring's run through the gaunlet all that more troubling. 

I've done some reconnaissance over the winter and I've found some new spots that will hopefully produce some nice fishing.  The island has also gone through some changes, caused by winter storms, which may or may not affect our usual spots. 

Start booking your trips early as my schedule is already starting to fill.  I expect the Vineyard to have another great year of fishing and I know I will not be disappointed.  I'll be heading to the water within the next week so I hope to have some good news.  Again, if you're looking for up-to-date reports, check out my page on facebook, "Livinit Fishing Guide".